On the European roads with CB radio
- a trial to summarize all known national regulations in Europe-

This paper is basing on all available collected information until End of November 2012. We cannot give any guarantee that all of these statements are correct and we are not liable for the consequences of possible errors. Most countries except BG, F, MC, LT, NL, M and Ro have already implemented the new regulations with AM 4 Watts and SSB 12 Watts. During the transition time, the above mentioned countries may still request 1 W AM / 4 W SSB instead of the new European power levels.

Red:         There is a licence procedure in the country, which must be followed
Blue:         For travellers (in most cases up to 1 month) free
Green:      Free of license and free of charges for all users

Switchable radios with country switches must be switched to the allowed setting before border crossing. Please see also our Radio Passport .

The country setting 40FM (this is the former "CEPT" Setting) is allowed in all countries at least for travellers. Except  in Austria, there it is absolutely forbidden to use a switchable radio. German travellers with 80 channel radios are allowed to use them everywhere (except in Austria) on the international 40 channels.

Germany,                     80 FM (4W), 40 AM (4W), 40 SSB (12W)
Czech Republic

Belgium:                      40 FM (4W), 40 AM (4W), 40 SSB (12W)

France, Monaco:         40 FM (4W), 40 AM (1W), 40 SSB (4W) , (new power levels still in

Switzerland,                40 FM (4W), 40 AM (4W), 40 SSB (12W) , (free from 2013 on)

Spain                           40 FM (4W), 40 AM (4W), 40 SSB (12W)  for residents in Spain,
travellers can use  their radios up to 1 Month

Portugal                       40 FM (4W), 40 AM (4W), 40 SSB (12W) free for everybody

Croatia, Estonia,          40 FM (4W), 40 AM (4W), 40 SSB (12W) free for everybody  

Ireland, Poland,            40 FM (4W), 40 AM (4W), 40 SSB (12W) free for everybody

Italy(+RSM):                  40 FM (4W), 40 AM (4W), 40 SSB (12 W) (in Italy all persons living there
                                      need a license (registration) for CB radio) , restrictions for radiated power 
                                      of base station antennas.
For travellers free  

Netherlands                 40 FM, 40 AM (1W), 40 SSB (4W) , but the new power levels for AM and
                                     SSB are not yet allowed

Finland                          40 FM (4W), 40 AM (4W), 40 SSB (12W) free for everybody,

United Kingdom:          40FM (4W) , 40FM UK (4 W) allowed, AM and SSB in preparation

Luxembourg,                40 FM (4W), 40 AM (4W) , 40 SSB (12W), free for everybody
Slovenia, Cyprus
Denmark , Iceland,
Norway, Sweden,

Bulgaria, Lithuania      40 FM (4W), 40 AM (1W) allowed. New power levels for AM 4W and SSB
                                      with 12 W in preparation

Greece                          40 FM (4W), 40 AM (4W), 40 SSB (12W)

Malta,                            40 FM allowed, 40 AM (4W) and 40 SSB (12 W) in preparation

Slovak Rep                   
40 FM  (4W) plus German channels 70-80 allowed , 40 AM (4W),
                                      40 SSB (12 W) free for everybody

Hungary                       40 FM (4W) , 40 AM (4W) , 40 SSB (12W) free for everybody   

Austria                          40 FM  - No radio allowed for use with country switches. Travellers are
                                       requested to let their multi-standard radios switched off during travelling
                                       through Austria!  AM+FM and new power levels in preparation.

Please note that the regulations in some countries may change when the implementation of the new European regulations will take place. We try to stay as actual as possible and publish updates of our Radio Passport as soon as we get new information

 Alan Electronics GmbH , 29. November 2012