Service-News Tectalk Freestyle


Radios of the first shipment February 2001 may have a missing function:

Roger Beep (described on page 10 of the german user manual, but not mentioned in the english manual) cannot be programmed.

In addition to this phenomena, the VX display Icon remains blinking for some seconds after programming and confirming the setting by PTT key.

How to solve the problem:

Caused by a misunderstanding, the factory has inserted an additional transistor switch to inhibit Roger Beep function.

If Roger Beep beep is desired, it is possible to delete the transistor Q 701. The SMD part is easy to find near to the charging socket on the main board. The transistor can be deleted, as minimum action we recommend to unsolder the collector (medium contact).


From March 2001, we will ship all Tectalk freestyle radios with working Roger-Beep programming step.

Albrecht Service Team